Brandon Dillon

Marian University’s own Brandon Dillon was selected to participate in the NFLPA Bowl. He’s the lone representative of the NAIA, and made fans from across the nation proud. We spoke to Brandon about his experience playing in Los Angeles, his Marian experience, and what’s next for him.

We at NAIAFBALL are rooting hard for Brandon, and would be thrilled to see him drafted by an NFL team.

NAIAFBALL: How would you describe the experience from this week?

Brandon Dillon: It was a great week and a great opportunity to go and compete against some of the best players in the country. We stayed in the nicest hotel in L.A and practiced every day in the Rose Bowl. It was definitely a lot different than Indianapolis, but a great experience nonetheless.

NFB: In most All-Star games, kids trade stickers. Did you trade any?

BD: I actually had no idea that people traded stickers at these All-Star games, so I was unprepared in that aspect and didn’t bring any Marian stickers to trade.

NFB: What was your favorite meal during the week?

BD: The food was amazing. It was five-star food for every meal. My favorite meal was probably the steak and shrimp.

NFB: Do you officially miss putting on a Marian helmet?

BD: Of course I miss putting on the Marian helmet – it was an honor and a privilege to play at Marian, and I’ll forever cherish the memories and relationships I made there. I put a lot of hard work into the program alongside my brothers, so it’s an important part of who I am.

NFB: How was your interactions with the other players? On the field and off?

BD: The players were all awesome and great people to play with. It didn’t matter what size school you went to – everyone got along and it was really awesome getting to talk football with players from all across the country.

NFB: How well did your days at Marian prepare you for the NFLPA Bowl?

BD: Having played with Krishawn Hogan for two years, I saw how he handled the scouts coming every day to practice. Even though the scouts were there for you, it was still about the team. Watching him handle that spotlight was really helpful to me. I firmly believe some of the best small-school college football in the nation is played at Marian, and I think it helped me a lot mentally to stay accountable and working hard.

NFB: What is the plan from here?

BD: I signed with an agent, Buddy Baker. He represents guys like Jack Doyle and Doug Baldwin, along with Krishawn. I’m working out at a draft training facility and will attend Purdue’s pro day.

NFB: What excited you most about this week?

BD: I was absolutely most excited about playing in the Rose Bowl. Coming from Big 10 Country, that’s a football player’s dream.

NFB: What was your favorite moment of your collegiate career?

BD: That’s a tough one because there’s so many great moments to pick from. The best is probably beating St.Francis my senior year and ending their steak in dominating fashion, but right behind that is winning the national championship my freshman year.